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Website Services FAQ

How long will it take to design my site?
When your site will be ready depends on the specific of your package combined with a dash of my work load. However, most websites can be ready in under 2 weeks, assuming I’m not already booked and all materials are provided upfront. For specifics on your project, please ask.

Will my new website be search engine friendly?
Yes! I design all my websites with search engine concepts close in mind, but to ensure your site climbs in ranking, please consider specialized SEO (search engine optimization) services.

Will my site have social media integration?
Social media integration has become an incredibly important part of establishing a strong online presence, which is exactly why it is included with most WordPress Website Packages.

What do you recommend for website hosting?
For most people, the easiest option is to let me host your site. Hosting with me means you won’t have to deal with researching and choosing the best hosting package for you and making sure it supports your needs. My affordable, efficient Hosting Package is even included with most website design packages.

Can I get an email address with my website?
Yes! I highly recommend a unique email address at your domain. My hosting packages include unique emails, but not all hosting companies are equal. So, be sure to make your request before choosing a hosting package.

Do you include domain name registration?
Most of my WordPress Website Packages include 1 year domain name registration.

Once my website is built, will I be able to update it myself?
All of my website packages are setup to allow the multiple users to edit, update and make changes to the site. However, if you are not familiar with using WordPress, you may prefer to subscribe to my Monthly Maintenance Package.

Can you train me on how to use my website?
Yes! I certainly can. I am available for One-on-one WordPress Training. Or if you prefer a classroom environment, I also offer WordPress Workshops.

Can you provide everything I need for my website presence?
Yes! In addition to web design and development, I also offer web hosting, graphic design and marketing services. Consider me your one-stop shop for all your marketing needs.

Can I see how many people have visited my site?
Yes, with Google Analytics, you will have instant access to a plethora of data about your site traffic.

Can I sell things on my website? Do you offer e-commerce websites?
Yes! If you want to sell things online, please let me know before I begin work on your site, so I can recommend the e-commerce solution that is right for your specific situation.

Can you just make some changes to the site I already have?
Of course, I’m happy to help. Any work done on existing sites falls under the category of website maintenance. Please double check my Website Maintenance Rates

What materials do I need to provide for my website?
In order to make the site design process goes as smoothly as possible, I do not begin work until you have provided the necessary materials. Read more on How to Hire a Web Designer and Get the Best Website Experience Possible.

After my website is setup, will I need to maintain it?
Yes! We live in a world of hackers and spam bots. If you don’t keep your website updated with the latest software, you risk a potential attack, which can be a costly disaster.

Do I have to keep my website with you forever or can I move it to another host?
You are always more than welcome to move your site to any host that you want. I recommend keeping your site hosted with me if you’d like me to maintain it. Since I am already familiar with how my hosting company operates, this saves valuable time.

Do you guarantee that my website will always be available?
No hosting company can guarantee that a site will always be online. Due to the way technology works, this is not possible. However, I can confirm that the hosting company I use has a top-notch reputation for being the best WordPress host out there. If you experiencing a repeated problem loading your site, please let me know and we will resolve the problem.

Does my website need to have a blog?
A popular misconception is that all WordPress websites are blogs. This is simply not true. WordPress is a powerful CMS (content management system) that has many benefits beyond blogging. However, I highly recommend blogging as a way to strengthen your online presence and increase search engine ranking. Ultimately, whether or not you have a blog is up to you, but I am happy to advice on your specific situation.

Are there any hidden costs associated with a web design package?
No. My website packages are intended to be an all-inclusive website solution. Of course, if you want additional services, anything not included in your package, will cost more. For example, you may want a custom header design, brand development or blog articles. My intent is for you to get the best site for you at an affordable price. I believe the only way to establish loyal, long-term clients is by providing honest, efficient creative services. All of my services are posted up front and you must agree to them before I begin work on your site. Of course, any requests outside of the features included in a particular website package will be consider additional services and will be billed as such. The best way to assure your project stays within budget is to reveal all your wishes, requests and desires for the site up front, before we begin work on your project.

Will my website look the same on all computers?
Unfortunately, it is impossible to make a website appear exactly the same on every computer. Since certain software and browser settings can override

Do I need to install any special software on my computer?
No. Because WordPress is web-based, you will be able to access and update your website without installing any additional software or applications. All that is required is internet access and a standard browser.

How much does a website cost?
The cost of your website depends on many things and cannot be answered accurately without more information.

Can I accept credit cards on my site?
Yes, I can setup your site to accept credit cards. There are several options available.

Will you display any ads or popups on my website?
Absolutely not. Of course, I can help you add these if you want them, but I do not install them without your specific request.

What if I don’t like your design?
The last thing I want is to have an unhappy customer. If you are unhappy with your site design, please let me know. Tell me what you like and dislike about it and I will recommend a new design.

Will my website appear in the search engines?
Yes! I design all websites to be search engine friendly. Improve your ranking with more specialized SEO services.

How will we communicate?
To avoid confusion, I ask that all design requests, specifications and work-related communications be sent via email. I have found that email serves as a good “written record” of the work being done. As I complete tasks, I will respond to let you know the request is completed. In general, email is the fastest way to reach me.

Will we need to have a meeting to discuss the site design?
Usually, an in person website meeting is not necessary, except in the case of completely custom, unique web projects. After you complete the online website order form, I will contact you via email or phone with any further questions I may have. Of course, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Who owns the website once you are done?
Once the website design has been completed and paid for in full, you own it! Upon your request I can send you a copy of the website on CD.

How can I pay for my site?
I accept multiple payment methods. For more information, please read more on Payment Info.

Do you offer payment plans?
Please ask if you are interested in a payment plan.

What is your Privacy Policy?
In short, your information is 100% confidential. I will never sell or share any personal information collected on this site.

There are a gazillion website companies. What makes you different?
It’s true. You could go lots of places for a new website. But how many coders, how many web design companies also understand your unique needs as a creative professional? Because I exist in both the creative business worlds, I bring a unique flair to the website design scene. Plus, you’re money directly supports another creative professional, instead of a giant, likely-heartless corporation, and what feels better than that. Need more Reasons to Hire Me?

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