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During a gloomy afternoon in late April, the phone rings. Mom. She’s going on a cruise to Italy, Greece and Croatia. Do I want to come? Hell yeah! I love Italy! We’ll leave in 5 days. Better start packing.

13 Cities in 12 Days
Originally, my Mom’s friend Cindy had planned a 7-day cruise from Venice. They both work for an airline, the best way to buy a cruise is to wait until just days before the cruise. Unfortunately, this means you’re at the mercy of the event selling out. And in this case, we waited long enough to book our cruise that the first leg of the cruise sold out. The only option was to join the cruise at their first port of call, Bari. Luckily, it meant we were getting an amazing deal, and the There’s good they tend to But somehow in a rush to get everything booked in time, the situation changed. We would have to leave from Bari instead of Venice. No big deal, right? Turns out Bari is more than just one town over. Bari is 883 miles from We’d fly into Milan and have to but there wasn’t that that would leave VeniceFly from Austin to Dallas, where I meet up with Mom and Cindy. We fly to Milan via NYC. Rent a car in Milan and we have 3 days to get to Bari, Italy. In Bari, we’ll ditch the car and get on a cruise ship that will go to Greece, including with Katakolon/Olympia, Santoini/Thira, Athens and Corfu, Greece. The ship will then go to Dubrovnik, Croatia and then on to Venice, Italy. From there, we will take a train back to Milan and then back home.


Here’s our path:

Here are the photos from my trip:

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