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At 15, I took my first trip to Europe and I fell in love with travelling.

The museums, history, natural wonders and cultural icons.

Join me on my adventures around the world.

Natl. Parks
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My US Travel Bucket List

One of my goals is to visit all of the states in the United States at least once. In order for a visit to count, I must visit some place within the state boundaries other than the airport or train station. Pretty simple. Lately I've noticed that I've made almost no...

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The Magic of the Trulli of Alberobello, Italy

One of my favorite little hideaways in the world is one of Italy's best kept secrets. Located not too far from the bustling Southern Italian city of Bari, the tiny historic town of Alberobello remains an historic wonder. I love this place because it feels like I'm in...

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8 Ways to Cruise Greener

Let's face it. Cruising the high seas is by no means a green or eco-friendly method of transportation. Cruise ships waste more and pollute more than most all other forms of travel. But if you find yourself taking a cruise, there are a few ways that you make your trip...

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My Travel Bucket List

Ask anyone who's ever really known me and they'll tell you I'm ambitious, to say the least. That's what life is for, right?! So, after much thought, I have decided to share my travel bucket list with you. I hope you'll follow along with me on my adventures across the...

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