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Chercasso: Illustration Inspired by Picasso’s Black & White Period

Chercasso: Illustration Inspired by Picasso’s Black & White Period

Most people are familiar with Pablo Picasso‘s Blue Period, but have you heard of Picasso’s Black and White Period?

A few weeks ago, I couldn’t resist a visit to the Houston Museum of fine Arts to see the Picasso Black and White exhibit. If you haven’t been to this museum, you would be stunned at the size of this place. They truly have some nice collections. Who knew such a treasure like this was hiding in Houston, Texas, of all places?

Unfortunately, the Picasso exhibit was temporary, so you can’t see it now. However, it was amazing!

Some of my favorite pieces included The Head of a Horse, a piece Picasso made in preparation for Guernica, a giant wall-sized mural representing devastion. I loved Guernica. What a masterpiece!

When German and Italians bombed a small northern village in Spain called Guernica, the Spanish government commissioned Picasso to create a large mural to be displayed at the 1937 World’s Fair in Paris.

Picasso’s heart was so impacted by the tragic events that had occurred in the town of Guernica that he chose to show the world.

In the audio tour, one of Picasso’s children said that no matter how abstract the subject’s of Picasso’s paintings were always quite obvious to those that knew the person. This was Picasso’s invitation for me to choose my own subject and make an abstract but recognizable portrait.

So here is it: Chercasso, (as my mother called it) in honor of Picasso’s Black and White Period. What do you think did I succeed? Can you identify the subject?

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