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Since I first got my hands on my mother’s fully-manual Canon 35mm when I just a young kid, I’ve been escaping into the lens. Back then we all used film and took far fewer photos. Now I’ve gone completely digital and I love it. I much prefer the picturesque world I see thru my camera. It has a way a making every moment special.

Throughout my upbringing, photography remained a constant. Most of all, I seem to be endlessly captivated especially by faces and the details that show the person inside. In addition to people, I enjoy shooting events and the scenes within them.

Production stills and filmmaking set photography can be so much fun. My strengths include composition and color, and I have a penchant for faces and people.

  • 20+ years experience film & digital photography
  • Especially good with people, portraits, & boudoir
  • Natural light, flash, or continuous cool lights
  • Black & white or color digital imaging
  • Promotional Photos
  • Product Photograhy
  • Flash & Continuous Lighting
  • Great at posing people

Shady Texas Web Series Pilot

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Depth of Phil Short Film

Depth of Phil Still Photography Dramatic Short Film Written & Directed by Jack Daniel Stanley See the Production...

Call Center Series Web Series

Call Center Series Still Photography / Web Design / Graphic Designer for Props Comedy Web-Series Created by Reagan Peterson See the Production Stills Visit the...

Killin’ Time Short Film

Killin' Time Script Supervisor / Web Designer A Dramatic Short Film Written & Directed by Kyle Lawson See the Production Stills by Russell Minton Visit the Website...

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