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Jewelry, Pillows, Dolls & 3D Art

Strange, I know. But it’s true. I also make jewelry from used plastic food containers, throw pillows and dolls. Check ’em out!

Recent Related Projects & Posts

Van Gogh Greeting Cards

These artful holiday cards feature a painting of Van Gogh on the front and the words "Have a Very Merry Christmas." The inside of the card reads "...and a Happy New Ear." Medium: Acrylic paint on paperboard

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Memories at Monterey Bay Children’s Picture Book

Slated for a spring launch, Memories at Monterey Bay is a full color children's picture book about a young girl who remembers a visit with her grandfather to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and learns to use her memories to keep the spirit of her grandfather alive....

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Japanese Girl Doll

This doll was modeled after a photo of my mother dressed in a kimono at age five in Japan and was created as a gift for her. Boy, did I surprise her! [nggallery id=18]

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Art Tiles

I was absolutely thrilled when I first discovered this unique process of drawing directly onto glossy ceramic tiles with colored markers. Because of the glossy surface, the ink applied by the markers does not immediately dry, allowing for an unusual opportunity to...

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Handmade Rockclimber Throw Pillow

This unique throw pillow was created by hand as a gift for a friend of mine using scrap materials collected over time. The red hair and green clothing are signature characteristics of the rockclimber who received this adorable, handmade rockclimber pillow. [nggallery...

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Faces Collage Decoupage Acoustic Art Guitar

Music is part of every culture in the world. Music is a universal language. This decoupaged art guitar features a collage of faces in all cut from magazines for a music-loving family member. As always, my carbon footprint is a huge consideration for me, so this piece...

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Dead in the Water Movie Poster Design

When my friend and screenwriter Si Dunn first asked me to design a movie poster for him, I was so thrilled. I love creating movie posters. They are truly little works of brilliance when done right. This particular project required a lot of digital compositing work,...

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Ravine Movie Poster Design

A poster I designed for a screenwriter friend of mine, Si Dunn. This poster was created to pitch investors and uses multiple images composited...

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Handmade Kimono Doll

This very strange looking doll was a gift for my mother inspired by an old black and white photo of her at age 5 dressed in a small kimono in Japan. Boy did I surprise...

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Handpainted Marker Tiles

This unusual collection of drawings were created by applying permanent markers to glossy ceramic tiles salvaged from an old bathroom being...

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