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Film & Video Production

As a filmmaker, I have experience with nearly every job on the set, from key grip to art department to sound to camera operator, and even crafty. I excel as a director and producer. Living in Austin, the independent film capital of the world, I have become heavily involved with the local film community. For nearly three years, I have acted as the Founder, Director, Host and primary coordinator of the local group for people involved in the independent film and video industries in Central Texas. Visit the Austin Film Meet Website

Cherdon has an amazing way about her in terms of thinking out of the box and motivating others.
~Ryan M., Audio Engineer

Film & Video Production Experience

  • Freddie Pate “Awesome in Austin” Music Video – Producer, Director – Humblebee Media
  • Austin Food Truck Adventures (web series) – Producer, Director, Host – Humblebee Media
  • Groovy Gourmet (web series) – Producer, Director, Editor, Graphics – Humblebee Media
  • Angie Bites (web series) – Producer, Director, Editor, Graphics – Humblebee Media
  • The Bloody Mary Sessions (web series) – Camera Operator, Actor Staging – C3 Productions
  • Austin Food and Wine Festival (web video) – Camera Operator, Producer – C3 Productions
  • Occulus SXSW Panel Event (event) – Camera Operator – Fat Monster Films
  • Grow Up Tony Phillips (feature film) – Key Grip/Gaffer – Arcanum Pictures
  • Greenbelt (feature film) – Grip/Gaffer – Aquifer Productions
  • iKey Case (commercial) – Grip/Gaffer – Proof Creative
  • How to Change a Car Tire (instructional) – Producer, Director, Actor –
  • How to Treat a Bee Sting (instructional) – Producer, Director, Actor –
  • How to Install a Digital Deadbolt (instructional) – Producer, Director, Actor –
  • How to Reduce Back Pain (instructional) – Producer, Director, Actor –
  • How to Choose Foods for Diabetics – Producer, Director, Actor –
  • How Do You Whiten Teeth Naturally – Producer, Director, Actor –
  • How to Promote an Event Using Social Media – Producer, Director, Actor –
  • Nike at Texas Relay (event) – Camera Operation, Still Photography – Nike
  • Indie Live Austin – Group Fantasma “El Raton” (music video) – Camera Operator – Aquifer Productions
  • Mexican American Multicultural Center Festival (event) – Camera Operation – Aquifer Productions
  • Maneja Beto “Ofrendas” – Lighting, Grip – Aquifer Productions 
  • PRX7 Product Video (commercial) – Director – Primal x7
  • PRX7 Instructional Product Demo (instructional) – Director – Primal x7
  • HAIR the Musical, Live Performance (live theatre recording) – Producer, Camera Operator, Asst Editor, DVD Package Development – The City Theatre, Austin
  • He-Man Live! Diamond Ray of Disappearance (live theatre recording) – Producer, Camera Operator
  • He-Man Live! Episode 2 (live theater recording) – Producer, Camera Operator
  • Bits and Pieces (short film) – Production Sound – Edgen Films
  • Shades of Strange: Brilliant (series pilot) – Production Design – Shades of Strange
  • Door64 Event Coverage (event) – Camera Operator, Sound – Door64
  • Seeds (short film) – 1st Assistant Camera / Set Decorator – Desolate Films
  • Depth of Phil (short film) – Still Photography – French Quarter Features
  • Shady Texas (web series) – Still Photography – French Quarter Features
  • Filero Grande y Pipa Chica (web series pilot) – Still Photography / PA – French Quarter Features
  • Call Center Series (series pilot) – Still Photography / Web Design – Wolf Pack Film Group
  • The Insiders (short film) – Producer – Empty Pocket Productions
  • Killin’ Time (short film) – Script Supervisor / Web Design – UT Student Film
  • Great Roommate Manny (short film) – Art Director / Post Sound / Still Photographer / Web & Poster Design – Empty Pockets Productions
  • It Matters! Doritos Ad (commerical) – Assistant Director, Assistant Editor – Best Productions
  • Mr. One Note (short film) – Still Photography / Production Asst – Best Productions
  • Foiled (short film) – Writer, Producer, Director, 2nd Unit DP, Co-Editor, Actor – Foil Hat Films
  • Shades of Life (television series) – Web Design / Marketing
  • Men Who Read (short film) – Art Direction / Production Coordinator – Best Productions
  • Storytellers (short film) – Post Sound – Austin School of Film
  • Passing Tides (short film) – Director – Pfinx Films
  • Feline Fancy (short film) – Still Photography / Key Art – Manu Forti Films

Live Theatre Production Experience

  • Daddy Warbucks (live theatre) – Personal Assistant – Casa Manana Playhouse
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (live theatre) – Sound – Creative Arts Theatre
  • The Snow Queen (live theatre) – Drops, Running crew – Creative Arts Theatre
  • Princess and the Magic Pea (live theatre) – Running crew – Creative Arts Theatre
  • Little Red Riding Hood (live theatre) – Running crew – Creative Arts Theatre
  • Reynard the Fox (live theatre) – Running crew – Creative Arts Theatre


  • Theatre set design & construction
  • Familiarity with theater set lighting and light booth operations
  • Tools: scroll saw, circular saw, table saw, miter saw, drills, automotive tools
  • 3 years experience in woodworking

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