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Happy New Year!

This year Santa brought us the best gift in the world – a Grunchkin! Nothing could make us look forward to the coming year more than this. We hope your holiday has been as rewarding as ours, and we wish you and your family the most inspiring year yet!

What did Santa bring you? Please tell us about it below!

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

I’m a firm believer that change is inevitable, but also takes time. Some changes prove the most difficult challenges a person can face. And yet, throughout our lives, we are constantly facing change. Each year, our society agrees to take on even more change by challenging ourselves with a few changes we actually desire. Well, at least we desire their outcomes.

After such a rough year in 2015, I have decided to take it somewhat easy this year when it comes to my resolutions for the new year. I won’t be challenging myself too much, yet all of these goals will have a huge impact on my life, should I be able to achieve them.

These are the points and goals I have lined out for myself this year. If only a few of these stick around, my life will be better for it. And hopefully, they’re reasonable enough that I can make that happen.

What changes are you challenging yourself with this year?

    • In 2016, I will make exercise a regular part of my routine. For me this is particularly difficult, as I have a deep resentment for setting aside time simply to exercise. I much prefer my exercise be naturally worked into another activity with a function separate and apart from exercise alone.
    • In 2016, I will eat a healthy diet of mostly (75% or more) organic food, including lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • In 2016, I will finish my children’s picture book, Maggie Makes Movies, about a brave little girl who makes her own movie with her friends despite everyone, including her snotty older brother, telling her she can’t.
    • In 2016, I will finally get my house under control and that means finishing all the painting, repairing or replacing damaged appliances, replacing old fluorescent light bulbs (mostly all flickering now) with longer-lasting LED bulbs, removing chemicals and eliminating the excess so our lives actually fit into this tiny space.
    • In 2016, I will make it a point to take a vacation a least once per month. A vacation may be visiting Italy for a week, camping in a national park, a trip to a neighboring city, or even just spending a night in a special Austin hotel. Either way, I will designate at least 24 hours out of each month to “vacation” with my sweetheart.
    • In 2016, I will celebrate holidays socially. This will require a new approach. Select the specific holidays and put effort into planning a memorable experience. Host a party and build stronger friendships.
    • In 2016, I will walk at least 20 minutes every single day. It seems simple, but this one’s really difficult for me. I wish I lived a pedestrian-friendly life. I wish I didn’t live in such a dominating car culture. I wish walking a few blocks everyday was a required part of my life. But it’s not, so I alas, I must fight to make it a regular part of my life. As it is one of the best things I believe I can do for my health.

What are your resolutions for 2016? How are they going so far? Have you stuck to it or have you already lost your way? Tell me about it in the comment section below.

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