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3 Simple Changes You Can Make that Will Help Save Our Environment

3 Simple Changes You Can Make that Will Help Save Our Environment

The truth is… going green works best when it’s a lifestyle change and not a new hobby. I find the most effective way to make a change stick is to implement it gradually, in small steps, so you get used to it, and it becomes a normal, regular part of everyday life.

Here are three things that represent a shift in your thinking and how you approach life overall. I believe that if you can start keeping these three concepts in mind, you will see big changes eventually.

1. Carry a reusable water bottle.

Just avoid using bottled water all together. It’s pretty much one of the worst choices you can make for the environment. Plus, you’ll stay much more hydrated if you just carry a reusable water bottle. It’s practically proven. This habit can also save you lots of money, especially when you’re travelling or out and about.

2. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

You’ve heard it before, but seriously. It’s time to get with this. Reduce it, reuse it, upcycle it, compost it, recycle it, whatever you can to extend its life. Apply this concept to everything, at every level and your efforts will make a huge difference.

3. Do you really need that?

The next time you go to purchase something, seriously ask yourself… do you really need that? Whatever it is, there’s a pretty good chance that the answer is ultimately no. Of course, you can make up reasons, but will that item really affect your experience in life in an meaningful, impactive way? If the answer is no, then you probably don’t need to purchase it. And if you ask yourself this question often, you’ll find he result is that you tend to consume less, which means you save more and waste less. And that’s much better for our planet.

Do you have any mind shifts that have helped you live a greener life?

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