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My Favorite Food Trucks of Trucklandia 2014, Austin’s Food Truck Festival

I’m not going to rank these trucks in any particular order. I think the act of comparing these trucks and trying to say which one is “better” is ridiculous and impossible. The foods and personalities represented by these trucks vary far too much and are the fabulous that they are because of their individuality and uniqueness. Instead I have provided a list of simply created a list of my favorites.


Cow Tipping Creamery is not your typical ice cream. For starters, they make soft serve, which is, like, 1000 times better than ice cream anyway. Plus, the flavors and toppings are not typical either. In fact, the flavors you’ll get here are outstanding and truly unexpected. This is one of my favorite food trucks and definitely my favorite ice cream in Austin.

Even though Bow Wow Bones doesn’t really make food for humans, you can still eat it. And to tell the truth, it’s really not that bad. But your dog is going to love it! Want to do something for your furry friend? Take them to Bow Wow Bones and get a cookie or a doggy ice cream treat.

Make no mistake. Valentina’s Tex Mex serves up one of the best meat tacos in all of Austin and that’s beating out a lot of noteworthy places. But it’s true. The brisket barbecue taco will blow your sock off. It makes the perfect late night snack!

Chef Eric at Hey You Gonna Eat or What? is truly an artist of food. His Monte Cristo sandwich is quite possibly the best sandwich in all of Austin and certainly the best Monte Cristo I’ve ever eaten, ever, anywhere. This adorable little food truck is now located in Picnic food park on Barton Springs, which provides a lovely, casual dining atmosphere. Surprise a friend and treat a friend to this delicious sandwich!

Definitely the best burger in Austin, Svante’s Stuffed Burger grow their own grass-fed beef. That’s great! But the stuffing of the burger will melt your brains into your mouth. The strong cheese flavors combined with the sweet space jam, this burger surpasses every expectation I’ve ever had for what a burger could be. If you’re a carnivorous burger-lover, this place should top your list.


Did you attend Trucklandia? What were your favorite food trucks from this year’s festival? Have you tried one of the trucks above? If so, what did you think? Please comment in the section below. I look forward to hearing about your experience.

Top Favorite Food Trucks of Trucklandia 2015, Austin’s Food Truck Festival

angry mojo 300x300celia jacobs o

Angry Mojo’s

Looking for some delicious, affordable late night tacos? Then go to Angry Mojo’s. When it comes to tacos, my tastebuds respond to unique sauces, especially cream unusual cream sauces. In this department, Angry Mojo’s doesn’t disappoint. The sauce here is spectacular!

The Celia Jacobs Cheesecake Experience

I love this place. How could I not? They make the best cheesecake ever! And who doesn’t love cheesecake. I mean, I sure am a sucker for it. With a huge selection of unique and traditional cheesecake flavors, Celia Jacobs Cheesecake Experience takes the cheesecake when it comes to cheesecake. Treat yourself for a special holiday or heck, why not, for no reason at all. You’ll be glad you did.chico-and-the-fox-smoked-pork-food-truck

Chico and the Fox

OMG! In my experience, meat sandwiches are usually pretty heavy and what some might call savory in flavor. The pork sandwich I had a Chico and the Fox felt light and fresh and even tropical. I never expected to lik it so much. Pulled pork smothered in some kind of fruity fresh cole slaw.four brothers mzrCL2OX_400x400

Four Brothers

Pedro and his siblings have brought their unique flavors direct from Venezuela, their home country. Be sure to try the cheese sticks here. They are delish!Gibronis - r7hiB6z0_400x400

Gibroni’s Texitalican Kitchen

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a lot from Gibroni’s. For some reason, Mexican and Italian fusion doesn’t sound great, but boy, was I wrong. Gibroni’s might be my top choice for a solid meal option, especially in the winter. What a perfect solution for a chilly winter afternoon.gravy OrVdq_LN


Sure. I’ve always liked gravy and biscuits. It’s not my favorite breakfast food, but not loved, but liked. I mean, I’ll certainly eat it.

Hand Heldshandhelds - 095-1-710x375

Last year’s winner was a hit this year too, with the Backyard, a delicious mile-high slider with friend macaroni and cheese and a slice of brisket smothered in potato salad. Yummy! Plus, the family that owns Hand Helds are some of the sweetest, most friendly people you will ever meet. Usually a roaming food truck, catching this one may prove to be a difficult, yet highly rewarding treat!hey you gonna eat

Hey!… You Gonna Eat or What?

The chef at this bright red Airstream takes so much pride in making the perfect combination of flavors. Nothing is taken for granted here. The jelly, omigoodness, the jelly. The Cuban sandwich was delicious but only try it after you’ve tried the Monte Cristo. Afterall, this is the BEST MONTE CRISTO I’ve ever had and numerous friends agree.

Hot Box Diner

Ever wonder how the great chefs of the world come to be? Well, stop by Hot Box and meet Robert, definitely the next big thing on the culinary scene. Robert excels at unique, delicious flavor combinations that will have you craving more. And don’t forget to stop in the thrift boutique, owned by Robert’s family, for an awesomely curated clothing and accessories that are not only affordable but also pops 8_9nMPWK

Pop Art

Delicious, organic fruit pops that taste clean and fresh and some amazing flavor combinations too! There should be more places in the world that offer such delicious, healthy treats alongside such adorable design. smokey denmarks B1XpvgeCQAAWEO2

Smokey Denmark’s

If it’s a meaty sandwich I seek, it’s gotta be Smokey Denmark’s Smoked Meats. They have a sandwich that to die for. I’m not a huge pork fan necessarily and generally try to skip the stuff in my regular diet. (Trucklandia gets a diet pass.)  But in this case, I really, truly love this sandwich. The combination of spicy, creamy buffalo cole slaw, smoked sausage and . I go absolutely bat nuts for it.

texas chili queens 55ef44b9-d5f0-4305-8f8a-4ef146204482Texas Chili Queens

Hey Ya’ll! I’m not usually a huge fan of chili, but I do love creamy things. So the white chili here is quite a treat for my tongue. Of course, all the chilis here are interesting and taste great, but I like the white chili the most. Be sure to tip for the customer service here will delight you!texas ice queens 9819235

Texas Ice Queens

Sometimes you just need a schtick to set you apart and this truck definitely has that. Edie is the nicest chili-cooking, sweet-talkin’ drag queen in Texas, I’m pretty sure. But the fact is, the chili here is pretty outstanding too. Be sure to try the white chili, as it’s especially good here. Their vegetarian option is also quite tasty!

sanoran hot dogsa98a78d2480c2da482f2a960637e8941T-Loc Sonoran Hot Dogs

Holy smokes! I love the way Sonorans make their dogs! A unique method of layering ingredients makes this a truly rewarding hot dog. Don’t forget to get some fresh aqua fresca with your hot dog!

violet taco downloadThe Violet Taco

Introducing the Violet Taco! For me, the color purple always conjures a magical feeling. And so the Violet Taco is appropriately named, as it one seriously magical taco! Seriously! Just click your heels and say the magic words… prickly pear crema… prickly pear crema… prickly pear crema!

Llama’s Peruvian Creole

A great hearty meal, and a perfect end to a late night bar crawl downtown. There are several dishes here that are good, so you’ll need to come back multiple times to try them all. I recommend sitting on the patio while you eat so you can take in an eyeful of civil entertainment, brought on by the benefits of alcohol.

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