So, you’re hoping to add a dog to your family and searching for the right breed? Or perhaps you’ve never considered purchasing a pedigreed dog and are curious why anyone would? Although I’m a huge fan of dogs of all breeds, I find Cavalier King Charles Spaniels to be extra special and here are just a few of the reasons you might want to consider loving a dog of this breed for yourself.

1 – You want a cute dog.

Seriously, Cavaliers are the cutest dogs ever. Like, ever! There are so many other reasons to get a Cavalier that I didn’t actually realize how cute they are until I finally got one.

Once I started taking him out with us, it really sunk in. At least half of the people we pass either point, comment or ask to pet him. Some people even ask if they can take a selfie with him. It’s like he’s some kind of celebrity, but no, he’s just a really cute dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the cutest breed ever.

2 – You’d like to meet the neighbors. Or anyone else.

You have the cutest dog in the world. Of course, the neighbors will want to meet him. And you. If you aren’t already in the dog owner club, you will be and it’s strange but dogs generally like to meet each other and oddly dog owners also like to meet each other. It’s obligatory.

3 – You want to get some exercise.

Don’t think that just because they’re small that Cavaliers don’t love a nice long walk. These little dogs will give you a run for your money in the exercise department. Cavaliers are definitely more athletic than one might expect of a smaller dog. In fact, Cavalier owners often say they are big dog in a small body, and I have to agree.

4 – You want a smaller dog.

Generally, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels don’t get that big. They are the largest of the toy breeds and typically weigh 13-18 pounds, though many grow fat and can but probably shouldn’t be as much as 25 pounds. They stand roughly 12-13 inches at the shoulder. They are the perfect size!

5 – You didn’t have children but wanted to.

Cavaliers are like little toddlers and make great “kids” for people who always wanted kids but didn’t have them for whatever reason. They need lots of love and attention, even if it’s a frequent glance across the room or a bit of conversation. And don’t even think of holding back on the cuddles. Cavaliers love to love.

6 – You did have children and they need a playmate.

We got our first Cavalier a month before my third child was born. I thought my four-year-old daughter and two-year-old son might adapt to a new baby a little better if they had their own “baby” and it worked.

Some people say Cavaliers shouldn’t live in homes with small children, because they are afraid the dog might become aggressive or may be harmed when unknowing little kids are too rough. It’s a reasonable concern since Cavaliers are so small and have such lovely, enticing ears. However, for everyone’s safety young kids should never be left alone with any animals. Supervision and patience are required and eventually children can learn gentleness. Our kids and our Cavalier have now become inseparable friends.

7 – You love puppy kisses.

Cavaliers love giving kisses. And they are indeed the best kisses ever from the most loving dogs. I’ve owned many dogs in my lifetime and my Cavalier ranks most affectionate. If you don’t want to be licked, you should probably not get a Cavalier. You will only break his heart.

8 – You want a dog that will actually play with you. Even after the puppy stage.

Cavaliers love to play. Tug, fetch, zoomies! Playful and full of energy, well into adulthood, these dogs will even demand your attention until you give them the attention they demand. Males are said to remain more playful than females after the puppy stage, but both genders are energetic and puppylike for many years.

9 – You want a dog you can take everywhere.

Most Cavaliers love people. They are the perfect size and the perfect dog to take everywhere. Sometimes they can even go where dogs can’t go, because, after all, they are the cutest dogs in the whole world and people let it slide.

Why do you want a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

With so many reasons even beyond those listed here, it’s a wonder everyone doesn’t have one. All in all, I think Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are the most precious dog you could ever own. I can’t wait to add another one to our family.

Do you have a Cavalier? Why do you think someone might want to own one of these amazing dogs?

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