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Do you have a hard time shopping for the filmmaker in your life?  All the indie filmmakers I know have lists full of high-priced equipment and electronics that I can’t afford. Here are a few fabulous choices for the filmmaker in your life. These options are all thoughtful and sure to be adored by any film fan.

#5 – B&H Gift Card

I’m usually not a big fan of gift certificates as they can sometimes seem impersonal and lazy. But not always. Every independent filmmaker would love to have a gift certificate to the ultimate mega-store for film and video equipment, B&H.  Great for directors and producers. Great for DPs and camera folks. Great for sound guys. Great for me. You can’t go wrong with a B&H Gift Card.

#4 – Recycled Gaff Tape Earrings from Artsolutely MarvelousPink Rock Gaffer Tape Bead Earrings

For the women in film, these earrings made from recycled gaff tape are just so cute, it would be wrong not to include them.

#3 – Gaffer’s Tape

You know you can never have enough. This stuff is a filmmaker’s best friend and only amateurs go without it. Tip: The beauty of gaffer’s tape is that it doesn’t leave any sticky residue and since it’s cloth tape, it conforms easily to practically anything.

#2 – Memory cards

Just find out what kind of camera your filmmaker uses most and do an internet search to find the specs for that particular camera model. The manufacturer’s website should be able to tell you exactly what kind of memory card to buy. Tip: Consider buying multiple medium capacity cards rather than 1 extra-large memory card. In case of failure, it won’t be a total loss.

# 1 – Apple iPhone

Yes, I said it. As much as I don’t like Apple’s practices, as much as I disagree with their lack of more eco-friendly business choices, I have to admit, their iPhone gadget has surprised me. With the numerous filmmaking apps available, this device truly does change workflow for the better. If you’re in the market for a new high-end phone, you should strongly consider the iPhone, simply for its benefits as a filmmaker.

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