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After having our second child, my free time disappeared. Now there’s never enough time to do even the most basic things like laundry and showering. So I’m always looking for small things I can do to improve my efficiency and save time. Hopefully my solutions can help you, too.

1 – Don’t fold towels.

A while back we switched to using cloth hand towels instead of paper towels. They are super handy, less expensive, eco-friendly and work better than paper towels anyway. For a couple weeks I took the time of folding and stacking all the towels but it didn’t take long before I decided to get a better solution. So, after finding the perfect plastic, now I simply toss the clean towels in. It’s great! It makes life so much easier and gives me more time to do what I enjoy.

2 – Stop shaving.

I stopped shaving. Yeah for real. I don’t shave anything on my body and haven’t for several years now. It started as a personal protest. I have sensitive skin that breaks out in a rash every time I shave. Pain and discomfort and burning skin are just not my thing. So, I just stopped shaving. My arm pits, my legs, my lady bits, yes even my ‘stache. I haven’t regretted it for even a moment. You are beautiful and sexy just the way you are! Get your life back!

3 – Filter your email.

Once upon a time I was subscribed to what seemed like a million email lists. Eventually I got tired of spending so much time in my email and reduced my subscriptions to only those I actually read at least once a month. Then I setup filters for the rest of them. All my shopping emails with discounts and specials from stores I love automatically go to a folder called “Shopping” and I only see them when I’m ready to shop and deliberately go to that folder. I save time and only buy when I need something, instead of when they need to sell me something.

4 – Make a home for everything.

Everything has a home and goes there. When you live in a small space, leaving things out can lead to disaster.

5 – Buy food in bulk.

It’s not rocket science to figure out that shopping less often saves time. Buying bulk goods can also save you a ton of money. You may need to invest in an extra freezer though. We started with a 7.5 cubic foot top entry deep freeze and eventually added two more large capacity units. I love having a stocked pantry but I love saving money even more.

6 – Buy only low-maintenance clothes.

You want to stick with clothes that are easy to wash. That means they can be tossed in the washer and also the drier. A lot of clothes seem to be washer safe but not drier-safe. I skip anything that needs dry cleaning or ironing.

7 – Buy almost entirely used clothing.

On average I spend $2-3 per item of clothing. That doesn’t include my shoes. While I used to buy shoes second hand, once I had a pair of Crocs I’ve never really wanted to wear anything else. But shoes aside, who doesn’t love thrift shopping?! Look for discount days and coupons.

8 – Wear clothing more than once.

Usually I wear it several times. Rather than washing your clothes because they’ve been worn, try washing them only when they are dirty. If it’s just one small drip or stain, you can try spot cleaning. Definite timesaver! Plus, your clothes will last longer.

9 – Make your jewelry.

I realize not everyone will want to do this, but it’s been a fun, frugal hobby of mine for a while. Granted, I don’t wear that much jewelry that often anyway, but I’m a sucker for a wonderful pair of earrings.

Ocean Blue Wave Recycled Handmade Earrings

Don’t make your bed everyday. In fact, I almost never make my bed. I just don’t see the purpose. Since our family co-sleeps, we all share one big bed. That mean my kids nap in that bed and if I had to make the bed every time it got messed up that would be multiple times a day, not only from sleeping in it, but also from the thrill it would give my toddler to repeatedly unmake it. Seriously, this is time wasted and leaving your bed unmade can actually be healthier


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