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10 Easy Ways to Save Time at Home

After having our second child, my free time disappeared. Now there's never enough time to do even the most basic things like laundry and showering. So I'm always looking for small things I can do to improve my efficiency and save time. Hopefully my solutions can help...

Happy New Year!

This year Santa brought us the best gift in the world - a Grunchkin! Nothing could make us look forward to the coming year more than this. We hope your holiday has been as rewarding as ours, and we wish you and your family the most inspiring year yet! What did Santa...

My Wish List

The trade economy is the best! I love to barter, so if you have any of the things on my Wish List, please don't hesitate to offer them. I am happy to consider these things in place of monetary payment in exchange for my services. Lessons (acting, art, voice, dance,...

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

I'm a firm believer that change is inevitable, but also takes time. Some changes prove the most difficult challenges a person can face. And yet, throughout our lives, we are constantly facing change. Each year, our society agrees to take on even more change by...

My First Garden

Mostly due to a highly irregular, rampantly inconsistent lifestyle, I’ve been unable to maintain any plants in their living state for very long. However, life lately has offered a little more stability. Plus, my recent move to a mostly organic diet has brought on the need for an edible garden.


H.Cherdon Bedford makes creative happen. ~David C., Actor, Photographer It is evident that she is passionate and excited about what she does and does it well. ~Maria G., Producer Cherdon is one of the most creative people I know. Her mind is a like portal into a...


Although Artsolutely Marvelous has only been around for a short time, people are already talking about us. Check out our recycled films trip earring jewelry on the TrashyCrafter blog:

Memories at Monterey Bay Children’s Picture Book

Memories at Monterey Bay Children’s Picture Book

Slated for a spring launch, Memories at Monterey Bay is a full color children's picture book about a young girl who remembers a visit with her grandfather to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and learns to use her memories to keep the spirit of her grandfather alive....

My Resumes

Actress / Voice-Over Download PDF Resume Bartender / Bar Promotions Download PDF Resume

Other Creative Design

Prop Design A Woman's Choice (series pilot) - Engorge bottle of pills Cell (web series) - Newspaper - Lovable Varmint Productions Foiled (short film) - Book Covers - Foil Hat Films The Insiders (short film) - Fake Money - Empty Pockets Productions  

Which Hair Style Do You Like Most?

Which Hair Style Do You Like Most?

So, I decided it's time for a change. I desperately need a make-over. So I hopped on over to iVillage and tried out their make-over tool. Awesome! But I have no idea which hair style to choose. I need your suggestions. Which hair styles do you like the most on me?...

5 Great Gifts for Independent Filmmakers

Do you have a hard time shopping for the filmmaker in your life? All the indie filmmakers I know have lists full of high-priced equipment and electronics that I can’t afford. Here are a few fabulous choices for the filmmaker in your life. These options are all thoughtful and sure to be adored by any film fan.

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