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Visual Art, Illustration & Creative Design

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to make art. Mom says once I discovered crayons I wouldn’t put them down. In addition to the typical range of kids crafts, I was also trained under professionals in traditional studio technique and mediums including watercolor, charcoal, pen & ink, colored pencil, oil pastels, chalk pastels, acrylic paints. I also studied sculpture and explored a wide range materials including paper mache, clay, polymer clays, stone, fabric, wood, cardboard and trash items such as food containers, bottles, jars and various other trash. At nine, I began putting my pictures to some of the poems I had written. I created several books during my childhood, most of which I both authored and illustrated, and bound by hand. The Butterfly and the Bumblebee, about self-esteem and the power of belief, Where Does the Sky End?, a boy’s search for the end of the sky and Monterey Bay, how one child learns to cope with death. My passion for children’s story books continues to this day. Current book projects include Charlie’s Heart, a book about Mr. Chaplin, the saddest man in the world and Water Wars a story exploring the water privatization tragedy in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Mediums: colored pencils, grayscale pencil, pastels, colored markers, acrylic paint, collage, mixed-media, polymer clay, paper mache, fabric, wood, cardbaord, and yes, trash.

Drawings, Paintings & Illustration

Mixed Media

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