Actress / Voice Over

5’5″ | Hazel Eyes | Long Brown Hair | Fair Complexion | Age Range: 25-35

About H.Cherdon

As well as performing in more than 40 live theatre shows, 2 performing tour troups and 1 improv group, I have also acted in television and independent film projects.

The first time I fancied acting I sat watching my mother apply makeup before a performance at the local theatre. My mother’s love of theatre and independent film no doubt influenced me.

A few months later, I started acting classes and continued studying performance throughout my childhood. I trained in a variety of methods and techniques including stage and film acting, character acting, acting history, improvisation, pantomime, Shakespeare, vaudeville, on-camera personality/spokesperson, and voice acting. I also took tons of dance and movement classes, tap, ballet, jazz, modern dance, and musical theatre.


H.Cherdon’s Food Truck Adventures Humblebee Media
How to Install a Digital Deadbolt Web Video / Ustudio
How to Reduce Back Pain Web Video / Ustudio
How to Choose Foods for Diabetics / Ustudio
How to Promote Your Event Online Web Video / Ustudio
How to Whiten Teeth Naturally Web Video / Ustudio
How to Change a Car Tire Web Video / Ustudio
How to treat a Bee Sting Web Video / Ustudio
Nanacam  (Robin) Dir. Kathy Swift
Austin Interactive Initiative Dir. Jeffrey Buras
Depth of Phil  (Extra) Dir. Jack Daniel Stanley French Quarter Features
The Insiders  (Barista) Dir. Ben Ploughman
Great Roommate Manny (Extra) Dir. Jaime Orta Empty Pockets Productions
A Woman’s Choice  (Supporting) Dir. Tim McAdams
Foiled (Supporting) Foil Hat Films Short Mockumentary
Occupational Means  (Principal) Fictional Documentary Pinball Productions
Polygrinder  (Principal) Animated Feature Polygrinder Productions
Testing Faith  (Principal) UNT 16mm Short Prod. Mandy Bradley
God Kill the Wuss in Me  (Supporting) UNT 16mm Short Dir. Steven Shilling


Walker, Texas Ranger (Extra)   CBS
Kids in the Box  (Series Anchor)   UPN – Paramount 21


Great Roommate Manny  (Operator)   Dir. Jaime Orta / Empty Pockets Productions


Dish Network (Featured) Gurerra Effects
Education is Paramount  (Featured) UPN – Paramount 21 & MTV
Anger Management PSA  (Featured) UPN – Paramount 21
Underage Drinking PSA  (Featured) UPN – Paramount 21
First Car Safety PSA  (Featured) UPN – Paramount 21


Making Choices (Tara, Ensemble) Boys & Girls Clubs of DFW
Annie Get Your Gun  (Chorus) Martin Players Guild
Our Country’s Good (Meg, Supporting) Martin Players Guild
Fools (Yenchna, Supporting) Martin Players Guild
Out of Gas on Lover’s Leap (Myst, Principal) Martin Players Guild
The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (Cora, Principal) Martin Players Guild
Dearly Departed (Raynelle, Principal Martin Players Guild
Marvin’s Room ( Understudy) Martin Players Guild
Juvie (Jean, Principal) Calvary Academy
Earth and Soul (Chorus) International Theatre School
The Taming of the Shrew (Kate, Principal) Fort Worth Theatre
A Mid-summer Night’s Dream (Hermia, Supporting) Fort Worth Theatre
Choices (Karen, Ensemble) International Theatre School
The Miser (Monsieur Anselm, Principal) Creative Arts Theatre
Nite at the Improv (Ensemble) Creative Arts Theatre
Curious George (Nurse Nancy) Creative Arts Theatre
Frosty the Snowman (Mime, Chrous) Creative Arts Theatre
Hello Dolly (Chorus) Creative Arts Theatre
The Appletree (Narrator, Supporting) Creative Arts Theatre
Rip Van Wrinkle (Meenie, Supporting) Creative Arts Theatre
Heidi (Chorus) Creative Arts Theatre
Bye Bye Birdie (Ursula, Supporting) Creative Arts Theatre
Treasure Island (Mrs. Hawkins, Supporting) Creative Arts Theatre
The Adventures of Brer Rabbit (The Tarpin, Chorus) Casa Manana
The Sound of Music (Maria, Principal) Casa Manana
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (Chorus) Casa Manana
Wiley and the Hairy Man (The Dog, Supporting) Casa Manana


Kids Who Care Toured: Texas, Italy & Germany
Young Voices Toured: DFW Elementary Schools


Film & Video Production Austin Film Works, Austin TX
Acting for the Camera KD Studio, Dallas TX
Acting Lynn Metrick, Tarrant County College, Dallas TX
Stagecraft Mountain View Theatre Arts Conservatory, Dallas TX
Advanced Acting Angela Furtick, Martin HS, Arlington TX
Theatre Studies Martin HS, Arlington TX
Acting, Shakespeare Deborah Jung, Fort Worth Theatre, Fort Worth TX
Improvisational Techniques Creative Arts Theatre & School, Arlington TX
Acting, Acting Technique Travis Tyre, Creative Arts Theatre & School, Arlington TX
Pantomime Techniques, Musical Theatre, Jazz Dance, Make-up for the Stage Creative Arts Theatre & School, Arlington TX
Musical Theatre Gifted And Talented Organization (GATO), Arlington TX


Strengths in Acting: character roles, takes direction very well, Shakespeare, very quick to learn, on-time, extremely committed, improvisational techniques, mimicking skills, pantomime. Physical Skills: horseback riding, cheerleading, bartending, can ride a dirt bike, can drive a standard transmission, limber, bartending. Artistic Skills: make-up design & application, set design, woodworking, writing, directing, producing, filmmaking, plays guitar & cello, sings, visual, advanced computer skills including web design, graphic design, illustration, studio art and photography. Accents: Slavic, Old English, British, Northern, Southern, French, will attempt just about any dialect. Thanks for looking.

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