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hcherdonGreetings! Thanks for dropping by. I’m H.Cherdon (pronounced SHARE+done) and I’m a writer, artist, video creator and now a mom raising healthy, eco-friendly, socially-conscious kids. My creative endeavors have included artacting, writing, photography, Photoshop, designing logoswebsites, and posters, film & video production and a wide range of arts and crafts. 

I help other creatives achieve their dreams via my creative coaching services. I’m the Creative Producer at Humblebee Media and also the Director of Austin Film Meet

Right now, I’m in the process of selling all our stuff to travel the world with my family & preparing a home water birth for our next baby. Follow our progress, lifestyle tips & travels on my website in vlogs & blogs. Shop my creations, art & books. Subscribe to our mailing list for occasional updates & special offers.

I hope this site provides a decent introduction into me, who am I, and what I do. If from time to time, you’d like to drop me a note and let me know what you think, I’d like that. 

~ H.Cherdon, Creative Superhero

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Short Bio

I am an artist, entrepreneur and Creative Superhero. I have a long history in the arts starting with performance and acting, ranging through the visual and liberal arts. My illustrations have been published in a several books and magazines and I has won multiple awards for my work as an illustrator and painter. Having grown up in a world of theatre and photography, filmmaking seems a natural transition. In addition to performing on camera, I’ve also produced, directed, shot, and helped make a wide range of videos and media projects through the production company, Humblebee Media, which I ran for the past decade with my partner and through which we provided media marketing services including video, photo, interactive, print, event production, promotions and marketing.

A huge proponent of choosing to live a greener lifestyle, I hope to spread a positive message and some eco-friendly fashion with my handmade jewelry, gifts, art and accessories, mostly made from recycled or upcycled materials. Shop Now!

Creative Superpowers

  • Photographer & Photoshop Manipulation Artist
  • Film & Video Producer, Writer & Director
  • Bookmaker, Writer, Illustrator
  • Web Designer & Developer
  • Graphic Designer & Digital Illustrator
  • Character Actress & On-Camera Personality
  • Creative Life Coach & Acting Coach

Need Creative Coaching?

Gotcha covered. I work one-on-one with creative entrepreneurs to help build you an audience & monetize your talent. I can help you with your marketing such as branding, website design, & social marketing. Whether you need one-time consulting or ongoing coaching, I can help you achieve your dreams. Contact about your goals!

My Wish List

The trade economy is the best! I love to barter, so if you have any of the things on my Wish List, please don't hesitate to offer them. I am happy to consider these things in place of monetary payment in exchange for my services. Lessons (acting, art, voice, dance,...

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H.Cherdon Bedford makes creative happen. ~David C., Actor, Photographer It is evident that she is passionate and excited about what she does and does it well. ~Maria G., Producer Cherdon is one of the most creative people I know. Her mind is a like portal into a...

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