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About H.Cherdon

hcherdonGreetings! Thanks for dropping by. If you visit often, you’ll quickly realize this site is always a work in progress for me. I’m obsessed with updating and changing it. Because my life has consisted of such a huge range of creative experiences, this collection in no way accurately represents the full body of my work and capabilities. Still, I hope it provide a decent introduction into me, who am I, and what I do. If from time to time, you’d like to drop me a note and let me know what you think, I’d like that. ~ H.Cherdon, Creative Superhero







. . . Creative Superhero

Short Bio

H.Cherdon is an artist, entrepreneur and Creative Superhero. She has a long history in the arts starting with performance and acting, ranging through the visual and liberal arts. Cherdon’s illustrations have been published in a several books and magazines and she has won multiple awards for her work as an illustrator and painter. Having grown up in a world of theatre and photography, filmmaking seems a natural transition. In addition to performing on camera, Cherdon also produces, directs, shoots, and helps make a wide range of videos and media projects. H.Cherdon’s creative talents are available for hire through the company she runs with her partner, Brandon Boggs. Humblebee Media is a boutique new media marketing firm providing a range of media marketing services including video, photo, interactive, print, event production, promotions and marketing. Humblebee Media A huge proponent of choosing to live a greener lifestyle, H.Cherdon hopes to spread a positive message and some eco-friendly fashion with her handmade jewelry, gifts, art and accessories, made from recycled materials. Items for Sale

My Superpowers

  • Photographer & Photoshop Manipulation Artist
  • Film & Video Producer, Writer & Director
  • Bookmaker, Writer, Illustrator
  • Web Designer & Developer
  • Graphic Designer & Digital Illustrator
  • Character Actress & On-Camera Personality
  • Creative Life Coach & Acting Coach

Need Creative Help?

Gotcha covered. I work one-on-one with entrepreneurs & creatives to help build an audience & monetize your talent. I offer marketing services such as branding, website design, & social marketing. Whether you need consulting, coaching or creative services, I can work with your budget to help you achieve your dreams. Email me about your goals and how I can help.

My Wish List

The trade economy is the best! I love to barter, so if you have any of the things on my Wish List, please don't hesitate to offer them. I am happy to consider these things in place of monetary payment in exchange for my services. Lessons (acting, art, voice, dance,...

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9 Reasons to Hire Me

I smile and people like that. I'm trustworthy and honest. It's simply the right way to treat people. I'm eco-friendly and that's how I work, always considering my impact on the environment. I'm self-motivated, highly resourceful and goal-oriented. I learn fast &...

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