I’m H.Cherdon (pronounced SHARE+done) and I’m a writer, artist, filmmaker and now a mom raising three healthy, eco-friendly, socially-conscious kids under six and a Cavalier puppy, the best dog in the world. My creative endeavors have included artacting, writing, photography, Photoshop,  designing logoswebsites, and posters, film & video production and a wide range of arts and crafts. I help other creatives achieve their dreams via my creative coaching services. I’m the Creative Producer at Humblebee Media and also the Director of Austin Film Meet. Right now, I’m in the process of downsizing to travel more with my family and buying an RV to renovate. All my babies were born in home water birth. Follow our progress, lifestyle tips & travels on my website in vlogs & blogs. Subscribe to our mailing list for occasional updates & special offers.


Family travel tips and guides to make your dreams easier to achieve!

Explore the delicious flavors of Austin’s best food trucks with me in this 90 episode series. Don’t forget to Subscribe for more great food videos.



I absolutely love being a mom but the road getting there hasn’t always been easy.


I share my experiences about pregnancy and parenting. Read more if you like.  

I’m an artist and illustrator. I paint, draw and sometimes I even sculpt. I also make pillows and dolls. People are my favorite subjects.

I’ve been creating stories and illustrations for children’s books since I was nine and I’m looking forward to releasing my first books very soon.

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