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Gaff Tape Single Bead Earrings – $14.99

Sport these adorable black bead earrings and show your love for indie film in style. They also make a perfect gift for any film fan! These are made by hand from gaff tape salvaged from actual indie film sets.

Brown & Teal Tear Drop Earrings – $19.99

Made from magazine clippings and recycled materials, the lightweight, handmade, eco-friendly earrings will look hot with popular color palette brown and teal. Designs may vary slightly as they are actual magazine clippings. Colors will be within close range to match...

Film Director Oval with Purple Bead Handmade Earrings – $17.99

Another adorable pair of handmade earrings made from salvaged, recycled and upcycled materials. Images include wavy film strips and directors chairs in black and white, topped with a purple bead. A perfect gift for any independent filmmaker or director. $17.99...

Film Reel Handmade Earrings – $14.99

The film fan in your life is sure to love these simple, classy film reel earrings. Black and white matches well with most any outfit. They are made by hand, using recycled paper, and salvaged wood-chips.