Greetings! I’m H.Cherdon. (The H is silent.)

I’m an Austin-based Creative Superhero, artist, actress, writer, photographer, video producer and creative coach. I’m a Creative Producer at Humblebee Media, the company I run with my partner, Brandon. I design logos, websites, posters and more. I’m awesome at Photoshop, too. I’m also the Director of Austin Film Meet. I also love to travel! And now, I’m a new mom! Read my birth story.

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Here’s a recent music video I directed and produced…

I’m an artist and illustrator. I paint, draw and sometimes I even sculpt. I also make pillows and dolls. People are my favorite subjects.

I also make some things that you can purchase in my shop. Lately, I’ve been making a lot of jewelry from trash. I have a passion for upcycled designs.

Gaff Tape Single Bead Earrings – $14.99

Sport these adorable black bead earrings and show your love for indie film in style. They also make a perfect gift for any film fan! These are made by hand from gaff tape salvaged from actual indie film sets.

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Brown & Teal Tear Drop Earrings – $19.99

Made from magazine clippings and recycled materials, the lightweight, handmade, eco-friendly earrings will look hot with popular color palette brown and teal. Designs may vary slightly as they are actual magazine clippings. Colors will be within close range to match...

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I’ve been passionate about picture books since I wrote and illustrated my first picture book at age nine. My first self-published project, a children’s picture book called Memories at Monterey Bay,¬†is slated for a spring¬†launch.

Last year Santa bought us the Best Christmas Gift Ever! A new baby girl! Now, Daddy and I can’t stop pointing a camera at her. Check out our latest fun family adventures… The Bogford Files.