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After giving birth to Ixchel Cherandon, I hemorrhaged quite a bit and required surgery. My medical experts insisted that I stay on bed rest for at least a month following the birth. Unfortunately, this made it rather difficult to take all those fabulous photos I had dreamed about.

Luckily, at one of my postpartum appointments, my midwives surprised me with something wonderful! A newborn photo shoot!!! Whaaaat?!? I couldn’t believe they coordinated a professional newborn photography session just for our little Ixchel Cherandon. They must have known how frustrated I’d be not having the energy to take great photos myself. Best midwives ever!

The photographer was Katherine Drye. Check out her amazing photography portfolio.

These are some of my favorite shots from the session.

A rainbow baby is a term to describe a baby that follows a loss, either a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death. The rainbow comes after the storm. In 2015, our first child was stillborn. So, Ixchel is our rainbow baby, deeply wanted and appreciated.

Already a week old, Ixchel still had those special newborn qualities. So small and delicate. Barely aware of the world around her.

Her feet were covered with rainbow ink to put her tiny footprints on her birth certificate. Rainbow feet! Brilliant!

At this time, my midwives weighed baby Ixchel and she was a healthy weight, gaining plenty of weight despite the possibility of Momma having a low milk supply due to hemorrhaging. Her weight was already up to 9 pounds 2 ounces, up from 8 pounds at birth.

Such a tiny sweet bean, so soft and new.

And tiny sneezes, too!

Here’s Katherine placing our baby girl into position. Katherine was great with her, so gentle. Plus, Ixchel Cherandon makes a great subject. I can tell already, she’s got star power!

Without question, this is one of the most thoughtful things my midwives could ever have done for me. I regret not being able to schedule my own session prior to the birth, but luckily, everything worked out. If you’re having a child soon, don’t pass up this special opportunity to have professional newborn photos taken. It’s a narrow window that your sweet baby will be a newborn and you will want to always remember it.

Did you have a newborn photography session for your child? How did it go?

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