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We’re so proud of our little girl. She was cast in her first acting appearance, in a UT short film called Birthday Boy, directed by Monica Silverio.

She actually did a pretty good job. The boom mic scared her a bit, but after 20 minutes she recovered and was able to move forward with her performance.

Here she is on set during a break riding the dolly.

Here she is with the crew.

Here she is excited to be at the premiere! The adorable outfit for her premiere was provided by Cici.

It turned out to be quite a good little short and we are so thankful to have been part of such a cool project. So thrilling to see our little baby girl in her first acting role! She was quite entertaining!

Unfortunately, they haven’t posted the film online yet, but when they do, we will link it here for you to see.

We had a great time at her premiere!

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