Ciao! Thanks for stopping by. You’re just in time for the launch of my new series H.Cherdon’s TXTW covering Austin’s food truck festival, Truck by Truckwest.


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"H.Cherdon is a true creative superhero… She is the first person I call when I am ready to produce high quality video, unique web design or concepts. She has an amazing creative eye."
~Karen C. Musician, Artist

My First Garden

Mostly due to a highly irregular, rampantly inconsistent lifestyle, I’ve been unable to maintain any plants in their living state for very long. However, life lately has offered a little more stability. Plus, my recent move to a mostly organic diet has brought on the need for an edible garden. As someone who has almost no experience gardening, I realize I should start small, with just a few plants. But instead, I’ve taken the path less traveled. Diving right into the gardening world, I have started with an expansive array of plants for my first garden. But, let’s be honest, extreme is my style. To fully understand what I’m doing, I’m doing both soil and hydroponic plants and I’ve bought a number of plants in 4″ pots, as well as a variety of seeds, to be started in both soil and plugs. Here are some seeds I started in soil. This batch includes 6 of each: Rainbow Bell Pepper Mix Jalapeno Early Rainbow Cherry Tomato Roma Tomato Broccoli Marshmallow – yes, Marshmallow is a plant! Carrot Catnip Cilantro/Corriander Italian Parsley Common Chives Peppermint     I also setup some small kitchen herb plants on my kitchen window sill. The one one the left is from Tillery Street Plant Co. but the others are from Trader Joe’s. I wish the herbs from Trader Joe’s had come with more information about the species, but oh well. I’ll figure it out eventually. This includes: Provence Lavender Rosemary Thyme Oregano My Sweet Fennel on the left and Doublemint on the right sit on the front porch, where they get early light and some...

Creative Life Coaching FAQ

How long will it take and how many coaching sessions will I need? How many sessions a person needs depends an that person’s particular needs and situation. Some issues can be resolved in a single session, while others might require on-going attention. Will you help me find a job manager or agent? Not directly. As your coach, I will help you strengthen your own skills and you will be able to help yourself. What if I am not living in your area? I am available for telephone sessions or face-to-face Skype video chat sessions. With a decent webcam, mic and internet connection, Skype works well. It is easy to install and use. How long are the sessions? Typically, private coaching sessions last 1 – 2 hours, depending on what we need to accomplish. I have found that people generally lose the ability to focus after 2 hours, and so, I prefer to break projects requiring more time into several shorter sessions. How often should we have sessions? Typically, I recommend scheduling a session every week or every two weeks. If you need to work faster, we can meet more often. Of course, my recommendation depends on your specific situation and needs. When and how should I pay? I require payment in full prior to our first coaching session. I accept payments by credit card or debit card through PayPal. I also accept PayPal and personal checks with exceptions. Full Payment Details Do you accept insurance? Unfortunately not. Creative Career Coaching is not therapy and does not treat mental health issues. Therefore, it is not covered by medical insurance. Do...